Grace Community NPS Minja

A nursery and a primary school in Nothern Uganda.

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About the School

Minja is situated about 20 miles east of GULU, the last larger city before the Sudanese border. The town itself is small (about 500 inhabitants) and may be called a dispersed settlement. Many huts are just close to their fields. Peoples living is agriculture, some working in the town of Gulu, about half-a-day-journey by bike. Since 2016 electricity has been brought up, but few can afford a transformator (10 000 Euro).

Water is provided by several pump wells, water committees observe their maintenance. All roads are dirt roads, very difficult to drive on during rain season (twice a year). Medical care is low, there is an offical support station, having short opening hours and always crowded resulting in lond waiting hours.

Medical support provided by a private office is too expensive to be used.

A sick bay will be installed on the ground in 2016, sponsored by a German foundation.


Heinz Becker (Henry) left, Vice President Wolfgang Bienert (Wolfi) in the middle next to Michael Oloyi, the director.
Heinz Becker (Henry) left, Vice President Wolfgang Bienert (Wolfi) in the middle next to Michael Oloyi, the director.

Pastor Michael heads the school in Minja getting a monthly salary. The school ground had been a donation of his wife Harriets uncle Joel.

He is pasturing two churches in Gulu and Minja on top of his involvement in Grace Community Primary and Nursery School. The couple has four children, from 3 months to 16 years in 2016.


At the moment five Primary teachers and three Nursery teachers working there.

LAP is paying for all Nursery teachers and one Primary teacher.

Some of the Teachers
Some of the Teachers



We invite you to enroll to our school!

Please note that we have Computer lessons (ICT) from P.3 to P.5.

The classes available for next year are:

Admission Requirements for both Day and Boarding Sections

Download as pdf
Plate/Cup (pay cash)2000/=2000/=2000/=2000/=
Packed Sugar3kg3kg6kg6kg
Washing Soap1 bar1 bar5 bars5 bars
Toilet Papers (Big Size)4 rolls4 rolls5 rolls5 rolls
Nomi detergent – medium size (per Term)(Boarding Only)(Boarding Only)1 tin1 tin
Bathing soap (per Term)(Boarding Only)(Boarding Only)3 tablets3 tablets
Toothpaste – big size (Colgate) (per Term)(Boarding Only)(Boarding Only)3 tubes3 tubes
Shoe polish – medium size (per Term)(Boarding Only)(Boarding Only)3 tins3 tins
Vaseline – big size (Samona) (per Term)(Boarding Only)(Boarding Only)2 tins2 tins

Personal Effects for boarding

Other Requirements for both Day and Boarding

Enroll Now

Please Contact us to enroll:

by Phone+256 772 340 464
by MailP.O. Box 468 Gulu

Educational system

Nurseries will have three levels. Children are supposed to learn writing and arithmetic as a prerequisite to enter Primary school.

Primary schools have seven levels, four subject will be teached plus mother tongue (Acholi). Secondary school has six levels. After four years, O-level will be checked and two years later they graduate A-level. 13 subject will be worked on, within is computer science, agriculture, chemistry, biology and English as the only foreign language.

The school year meets the calendar year, including 3 terms each 10-12 weeks. Long vacation is around Christmas during hot season. Nearly all scholl will have a boarding facility due to long way to school and missing transport facilities.

All scholls are run as a buisness with school fees. Per trimester the fees range between 50 000 UGX (approx 15 Euros) in State schools (up to 150 pupils in one classroom) and reaches up to 3 Mio UGX (about 890 US$) for private schools. Not included are school uniforms, books, schoes (barefooted is not allowed, black schoes a MUST!)

Average income in Uganda is 510 US$ a year(!), but in this region it is below 400 US$.

Average income in Uganda is 510 US$ a year(!), but in this region it is below 400 US$.Click to Tweet
educational system in Uganda


Please donate to:

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BankPostbank München
IBANDE69 7001 0080 0485 5468 06

The school fees include class, exercise books, pencils and two warm meals a day.

Pupils in boarding will cost 20 Euros. On top services will be an additional meal and the hostel.

Supporting a teacher will be 120 Euro as his salary.

Possibilty to use an instant transfer (Only within SEPA-area):



Contact via L-A-P e.V.